International Women’s Day #Choosetochallenge

At CMR Group, this year we are celebrating International Women’s Day 2021. And, to honor the day we have asked members of the team to share the advice that they would give to their younger selves with the benefit of life and work experience and we would like to share this with you today;

‘Always believe you can, don’t give up no matter how much better you think others are than you. You are stronger than you think and more talented than you believe. Independence is not just about supporting yourself or earning your own money, it is worth so much more than that. It is about being strong enough to do something even when it scares you. Hard work will get you everywhere, but always make the ones you love your priority. Let yourself go, don’t be concerned about what others think, live in the moment and soak up every experience possible’.

Nicola Morris- Client Delivery Team Leader

‘If I had known all those years ago what I know now then I would definitely believe in my own ability more than I did. This would have then have led me down the path of taking more risks rather than playing safe by remaining with the same company for 29 years. In essence, aim for the ultimate and even if you fall a little short, you will still achieve so much more than merely aiming low’.

Jon Hitchenor- Non-Executive Director

‘Believe in yourself, even if you feel unsure remember that you are more capable than you know. Don’t sweat the small stuff, things have an amazing way of falling into place eventually. Speak up for yourself, stand tall and be strong and don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and follow your own path!’

Victoria Haughton- Senior Client Delivery Specialist

‘Don’t hold back, put your best foot forward and march on to where you want to be. Hold on to that vision regardless of what (thoughts or actions) or who gets in the way. Allow for diversions but maintain that vision, always.’

Sam Malik,Head of Executive Search

‘Be kind to yourself, be brave, every chance you do take is an opportunity to learn and grow more, just go for it!’

 Sathya John- General Manager, Iberia

‘You don’t need to have everything figured out by 25. There’s so much external pressure these days, especially via social media, to have your life mapped out in your early-mid-twenties. The mortgage, the career, the flashy car. It really does not matter if you’re not there yet, or even if these things aren’t that important to you! Be true to yourself always. You’ll eventually realise that it’s the basics that make you really happy anyway – family, friends, nature, exercise etc.’

Jamie Irvine- Senior Recruitment Consultant

‘Your mum is always right, take her advice on everything, it may be stupid at the time and you may think it makes little to no sense, but the sooner you take and act on this advice, the better life will be’.

Richard Green- Client Delivery Specialist

‘Don’t set timescales on the milestones you want to achieve. All experiences, even those not planned, help to shape who we are and meeting new people along the way is how we develop and learn new skills.’

Leanne Littler- Senior Client Delivery Specialist

‘Follow your dreams and be free! See as much of the world as you can, when you can! Smile at the world and the world will smile back at you’.

Katie May-Head of Partnerships

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